1. What is this referendum about?

In August 2018, the CPR group initiated a petition to have a referendum under section 70 of the Cayman Islands Constitution regarding the cruise berthing facility. After a verified people’s petition, the referendum was set for 19 December 2019. A concerned citizen made an application on 3 December 2019 for grounds for judicial review. The concerned citizen has been granted leave for judicial review in the new year under the following grounds:

  • A new comprehensive EIA to be completed and peer reviewed
  • Social and cultural impact assessments
  • A full short-term and long-term infrastructure plan that outlines:
    cargo management, traffic, sewage, trash management, George Town transformational plans
  • An assessment related to the impact of pollution addressing concerns on sedimentation and water clarity
The date of the referendum is now unclear and will be determined after the ruling of the court expected early next year. Please keep checking here to find out when the new referendum is set.

2. Who can vote in the referendum?

Anyone who is on the electoral roll can vote. You do not need to register to vote in this specific referendum if you already appear on the current Electors’ Register. To check out the current list of registered voters, please view here:

All persons are encouraged to register to vote nonetheless as the referendum date may change.

If you are traveling or cannot physically go to vote, please see items 7 and 8 below.

3. Can I vote in the referendum even though I did not sign the petition?

Yes. Anyone can vote.

4. Will my vote be counted as a ‘yes’ if I do not turn up on referendum day?

Yes. Any non-vote is considered a ‘yes’ vote. If you feel that you are on the fence about this issue because you do not have enough information, then we encourage you to vote “no” in this referendum. This is the only chance that we have to let the government know that we need more information before proceeding with the project.

5. Does this include deceased persons and mentally incompetent?

Yes. Anyone that is currently on the electoral roll that does not turn up to vote, for any reason, will be counted as a “yes” vote. If you know anyone that is still on the list that is now deceased, then please let the Elections Office know. Mentally incompetent persons will need to have a letter from a licensed doctor in order to be removed. To see if you know anyone that should be removed please view the list of registered voters here:

6. I registered to vote after 1 January 2020, will my vote be considered a “yes”?

The voter registration is a long process and depending on when you register your name will not appear on the roll right away. If your name is not currently on the roll, it should not be counted as a “yes”. Please ask the Elections Office when your name will appear.

7. I will be away for the Referendum, what should I do?

Apply for a postal ballot. You require Form B.

8. I am on the island, but unable to attend because I am physically unable to or working on referendum day. How can I vote?

You can apply for Mobile Voting. You require Form C.

9. Where do I go to cast my ballot?

You need to vote in your current constituency. If you have moved, but not as yet notified the Elections Office, then you will need to go to the constituency which the Elections Office has you down as. To view where you are currently registered to vote please view here:

All of the Polling Stations are listed here: LINK

10. What can I do to help?

There are many ways to become involved. Please email cprcayman@gmail.com for more information.