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VIPP misleading public on port project risks
6th March 2020

(CNS): The Environmental Assessment Board (EAB) said claims by the consortium that was chosen to build the controversial cruise project about the reduced environmental harm of this current design are misleading and the new plans may be just as damaging, or even more so, than those from 2015. The EAB has said Verdant Isle Port Partners must conduct an updated environmental impact assessment and a number of other important studies because much has changed and new risks and challenges have emerged.

Updated EIA required for port project
5th March 2020

The Environmental Assessment Board has concluded that a new environmental impact assessment will be required for government’s $200 million cruise berthing and cargo enhancement project.The board gave the recommendation at the end of its review of the updated scoping opinion on the project submitted by Verdant Isle Port Partners in January.

Port referendum law quashed
2nd March 2020

Acting Grand Court Judge Tim Owen has quashed the Referendum Law that was passed in the Legislative Assembly late last year to pave the way for a vote on government’s $200 million cruise berthing and cargo project.

Judge orders port referendum law quashed
2nd March 2020

(CNS): The Cayman Islands Government has been ordered to quash the referendum law it passed to pave the way for the people’s vote on the cruise port project. Justice Tim Owen, who had found that the legislation was incompatible with the constitution, said in his latest ruling on the remedy following the judicial review that if the court did not quash the law, it would be complicit in a “legal fiction” and it had to be done to remove any doubt about its illegality.

200302 - (CONSEQUENTIAL RELIEF Judgment) Roulstone (Shirley Elizabeth) v The Cabinet of the Cayman Islands et al
2nd March 2020

Download the official ruling made by Hon Justice Tim Owen on the (Cruise Berthing) Referendun Law 2019

Facing South Florida: Carnival Pollution
12th January 2020

Jim DeFede focuses on the ongoing criminal case against Carnival Corporation as the company continues to face questions about polluting the seas.

Port referendum question ‘tweaked’
8th January 2020

Government has amended the question it plans to use for the referendum on its proposed $200 million cruise berthing and cargo project. However, Cruise Port Referendum Cayman representatives, the grassroots group behind the petition that triggered the vote, said the new wording still falls short of addressing concerns that have been raised in the judicial review filed by CPR member Shirley Roulstone. The changes to the wording of the question were made in the regulations that accompany the Referendum Law that was passed in the Legislative Assembly to pave the way for the vote on the project.

New referendum question gazetted
7th January 2020

Government has made an amendment to the referendum question it plans to ask voters when a new date is set for the national poll on the proposed cruise berthing project. The change was gazetted quietly on 18 December, with no statements or explanations about the alteration to the wording. A spokesperson for the Cruise Port Referendum campaign said they were not consulted on the revision to the question, even though it is one of the grounds for the judicial review brought by one of its members.

CPR activist secures court protection
6th January 2020

Cruise Port Referendum activist Shirley Roulstone, who is challenging how government has gone about setting the referendum in the courts, has secured another important victory. Lawyers for Roulstone confirmed Monday that the chief justice had ruled in favour of a protective costs order, which will protect Roulstone from government should the court rule against her in the public interest judicial review of the referendum process and the need to ensure it is fair.

Campaigners celebrate court decision
3rd December 2019

Cayman campaigners oppose cruise port coral dredging

Coral dredging: 'It's going to cause irreversible damage'
4th December 2019

Campaigners in the Cayman Islands say they are fighting a "David and Goliath" battle against the world's biggest cruise lines that want to redevelop the country's port to accommodate huge ships.

Campaigners celebrate court decision
3rd December 2019

Campaigners were celebrating Tuesday following a court decision to delay the port referendum to allow a legal challenge to take place.

CPR seeks legal clarification on Referendum Bill
28th October 2019

Lawyers representing CPR have sent a letter to government expressing concerns in advance of debate on the Referendum Bill which is to occur on Monday, 28th October 2019.

CPR Offcial Correspondence

Press Release
02 July, 2020

On Thursday 2 July 2020, the Court of Appeal issued its decision setting aside the earlier decision of Justice Tim Owen Q.C., Acting Judge of the Grand Court, in which he ruled that the law enacted by Government to establish the process and procedure for the conduct of the referendum on the proposed cruise ship berthing facility was unconstitutional.

Press Release
04 December, 2019

Legal Action on Referendum Law. Official Statement on Delayed Cruise Port Referendum from CPR Cayman Advocacy Group.

Letter to the Premier
15 November, 2019

Legal Pre-action Letter.

Letter to the Cabinet
18 September, 2019

Submission of Petition to Cabinet.

Letter to the Cabinet
11 September, 2019

Follow Up Letter.

Letter to the Premier
26 June, 2019

Meeting Request.

Letter to the Premier
24 May, 2019

Notification on petition target reached.

Letter to the Premier
01 May, 2019

Petition Delivery to CIG.

Institutional Statements

CCMI Urges Close Look at Downstream and Long-Lasting Impacts to the Island
12 September, 2019

The Central Caribbean Marine Institute has released a new statement regarding the proposed George Town Dock on Grand Cayman and the need for serious consideration of the potential impacts it may have to Seven Mile Beach.

Cayman Islands Tourism Association Statement on the Cruise Berthing Facility
17 July, 2015

The Cayman Islands Tourism Association is opposing government’s current proposal to establish cruise berthing facilities in George Town Harbour.

DEMA urges Dive Industry to Sign Online Petition
3 August, 2015

Thousands Have Already Signed Online Petition to Stop Plans for the Cruise Ship Berthing Facility

National Trust Statement on the Cruise Berthing Facility
7 October, 2015

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands has thrown serious doubt on assumptions made by the consultants to support the Outline Business Case (OBC) for the cruise port facility.

Chamber of Commerce Statement on the Cruise Berthing Facility
3 July, 2015

The Chamber of Commerce Council has said it supports the development of the cruise sector and cargo port improvements, although the organisation's survey results on the issue do not appear to back the government's plans.

National Conservation Council
14 September, 2015

Members of the National Conservation Council have said they are " deeply concerned" about the economic costs and environmental damage of the cruise berthing project .

Mission Blue designed George Town Harbour as new Hope Spot
1 December, 2016

For the residents of George Town Harbour, observing mammoth cruise ships pass through their glimmering turquoise backyard is not uncommon.

Mission Blue: Guy Harvey on Grand Cayman Port Controversy
17 September, 2018

In 2016, George Town Harbor was designated by Mission Blue as a Hope Spot. Mission Blue and the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) define Hope .

Central Caribbean Marine Institute Statement on the Cruise Berthing Facility
23 September, 2018

CCMI releases updated statement regarding the George Town dock

National Trust Statement on the Cruise Berthing Facility
19 October, 2018

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands is a non-governmental organisation whose mandate under the National Trust

CITA statement on current cruise berthing procurement discussions
1 November, 2018

At a recent CITA Board of Directors meeting, a decision was taken to remain neutral on the matter of Cruise Berthing Facilities for the Cayman Islands.

Press Announcements:

Opponents seek Referendum
30 June, 2015

A coalition of Cayman Islands voters will seek to force the local government to abandon plans for a cruise pier in George Town harbor via a people-initiated referendum.

Cabinet approves cruise project
29 October, 2015

Premier Alden McLaughlin confirmed Tuesday that Cabinet has formally approved the decision to move to the next phase of the proposed cruise pier development.

DOE Public Consultation Report
11 August, 2016

An overwhelming majority of those who responded during a public consultation on the proposed cruise berthing project oppose the $150 million plan for new piers in George Town harbor.

Opposition calls for referendum on cruise project
17 August, 2018

Opposition politicians are calling for government to hold a public referendum on whether to proceed with the cruise pier project in George Town harbor.

Environment chief removed from cruise project committee
3 September, 2018

The Department of Environment is no longer represented on the steering committee overseeing the cruise berthing project.

The issue explained: How the Referendum Process Works
2 June, 2019

Cayman is entering "uncharted waters" with its first people-initiated referendum, according to Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell.

Historic moment as cruise port petition handed over
12 June, 2019

The petition calling for a people's vote on the controversial cruise berthing project was handed over to the Elections Office Wednesday in what was described as a "historic moment" for the Cayman Islands.

Cabinet selects preferred bidder
29 July, 2019

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (29July, 2019)The Cayman Islands Government (CIG) has formally approved the selection of Verdant Isle Port Partners .

Official Reports

PWC Conclusions
15 October, 2015

Estimates of the potential economic impact of Grand Cayman's cruise port project have varied widely during the planning phase of the project.

Baird Case Study
Sedimentation Plume

The Cayman Islands Government is considering the construction of a major cruise berthing facility in George Town Harbour, including two piers, dredging and land reclamation works.

Department of Environment Environmental Statement

Attached is the Environmental Assessment Board's (EAB) review of the Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed Cruise Berthing Facility (CBF).

Department of Environment
Cruise Berthing Facility EIA

The Cayman Islands' Government is considering the prospect of constructing a two pier cruise berthing facility in George Town.

Opinion Letters

Additional cruise visitors will put a strain on popular tourist attractions like Stingray City
30 July, 2015

The proposed cruise berthing facility in George Town harbor could bring half a million more cruise passengers to Grand Cayman annually.

An argument against cruise berthing facilities
30 July, 2015

Cayman was built on two pillars – its people and its peaceful, pristine environment. After 40 years of development, it is past time we carefully examine both and make the necessary adjustments toward a sustainable future.

Environmental Assessments Boards warning on impact of port construction
19 August, 2015

The negative impact of the three-year construction period estimated for the proposed cruise berthing facility in George Town harbor should not be underestimated.

DOE director speaks out about cruise port project
21 September, 2015

The environmental consequences of proceeding with the cruise berthing project will still be "extremely dire" even if mitigation measures are deployed.

Dyer: Cruise Port Too Expensive
9 May, 2018

We cannot afford to build a cruise berthing facility in George Town. This is true from both an economic and, more importantly, an environmental perspective.

Chamber of Commerce Economic Forum highlights concerns over cruise pier project
6 June, 2018

Regular readers of the Cayman Compass and other local media are surely used to seeing headlines over the years such as "Cruise dock deal on track," "Government gives green light to George Town cruise .

Moxam: Cayman must have a referendum on the cruise port
22 August, 2018

The proposed project and the potential consequences have the ability to negatively impact the future of the Cayman Islands.

Community groups surrounding the port debate
20 September, 2018

Battle lines are being redrawn over the controversial cruise berthing project. As campaigners close in on the number of signatures they need to trigger a public vote, supporters of the dock are revving up their own publicity engine.

Whicker: Questions following the cruise port meeting
5 October, 2018

I attended last week's public meeting, headed by Minister for Tourism Moses Kirkconnell, on the proposed Cayman cruise berths. Although I had a number of questions.

Panton: Warns of Tourism Conflict
16 January, 2019

Former environment minister Wayne Panton has expressed concerns that the proposed cruise berthing development in George Town .

CPR: rebuts premier's misleading claims
28 February, 2019

Premier Alden McLaughlin again stated at last week's Chamber of Commerce Luncheon that no public money will be used to build the proposed cruise berthing facilities.

Bodden: For whom are we developing?
22 May, 2019

While I can see how the information in two recent articles ['Number of foreign workers hits all-time high' and 'The changing face of Cayman's workforce'.

Rankin: What's in it for the cruise lines?
4 September, 2019

As the petition verification process nears to an end, the first ever people-initiated referendum is imminent.